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Achieve your climate goals with Emission Twin

Emission Twin is a state-of-the-art software that unites the ecosystem to help you reach your climate goals. With all data in one place to work as effectively and effortlessly as possible.

Developed in collaboration with:


Reduce by making better choices for your business.

Identify the critical areas where you can drive significant impact and leverage our advanced simulation capabilities to create a comprehensive roadmap towards carbon reduction or achieving net-zero emissions. Our software empowers you to pinpoint the key drivers of your carbon footprint and develop a tailored strategy to steadily and proactively reduce emissions over time.

Simplifed emission collection and measurement.

Emission Twin is a powerful tool that simplifies and enhances carbon management efforts. It enables you to begin with a detailed spend analysis and then progress towards identifying and addressing emission hotspots. This empowers your company to make informed decisions, drive impactful change, and move closer to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Show off your commitment.

Share your dedication to climate action, your progress, and your success with your team, customers, investors, and the whole world.

Marielle Krus

Marielle Krus,

Sustainability Manager


“I believe in both the software and the people behind Emission Twin. Let’s free up more time for actual climate reduction activities and spend less on mapping and calculating last year’s emissions”

2050 Consulting – strategic partner with Emission Twin

2050 envisions a world where businesses thrive on a planet in balance. They specialize in guiding companies towards sustainability and increased profitability through their expertise in analysis, business development, and communication.

Firmly convinced that what benefits the planet also drives business success, they leverage their experience and tools to showcase the potential within the green economy. Operating at the intersection of policy, research, and business, 2050 plays a pivotal role in facilitating this sustainable transformation.

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