Start simple.
Add complexity as you go.

water flow

You are probably working like this:

In a traditional reporting software: rigid and unable to adapt to your business or the rapidly changing requirements.

In tailor made spreadsheets: not scalable, person dependent and expensive to process.

How Emission Twin can support your journey:


Get up and running quickly and easily (short time to value); change your needs effortlessly throughout the years.


Enhance data quality and gain deeper insights into emission hotspots as you make progress.

reduction roadmap graph


Our Reduction Roadmap provides a structured approach that empowers organizations to methodically analyze their carbon footprint and chart a course toward significant emissions reductions. This feature embodies a pragmatic, data-driven commitment to environmental responsibility, enabling companies to align their operations with sustainable practices and global climate goals.

In a world increasingly focused on environmental stewardship, the Reduction Roadmap emerges as an essential tool for businesses serious about making meaningful contributions to a greener, more sustainable future.


Collaborate with your colleagues, without getting stuck in person dependence work flows.


Handle all complex indirect activities including leased assets and investments.

Value Chain

Reliably collect supplier activity data for exact and actionable emission insights.


View your climate profile customized to your organization, and share it according to GHG protocol standards.

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