Start where you are. Learn as you go. We'll journey with you.

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Starting at your beginning

Emission Twin is built to suit your needs: data structure, reporting and ambition levels. Regardless if you are just getting your climate reports in order, or you have an ambitious  plan to reach net zero - we're ready to help. The journey starts at your beginning!

Are you ready to leave endless Excel sheets, the jungle of unknown emission factors, people dependencies and reporting nightmares behind? Let's go!

How Emission Twin can support your journey:

Maximized Flexibility

Both when set up and on an ongoing basis, the data structure is flexible and changeable. Adjustments are made by the customers themselves within the tool, completely free of charge. Emission Twin is a SaaS company with a clear, and low, total cost of ownership for customers.

Minimized Administration

Thanks to automation in combination with Emission Twin's user-friendly tools, gathering  and structuring data, managing various types of data sources, handling communication  with follow-ups, and generating reports from the data is made as seamless as possible.

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Optimized Climate Action

Thanks to the system being built with digital twin technology, analyses and simulations can be  done in dimensions independent of the structural setup of the tool and the reporting categorizations. This enables decisions and changes for the better – lowering emissions whilst growing the business.

Our Reduction Roadmap provides a structured approach that empowers organizations to methodically analyze their carbon footprint and chart a course toward significant emissions reductions. This feature embodies a pragmatic, data-driven commitment to environmental responsibility, enabling companies to align their operations with sustainable practices and global climate goals.

In a world increasingly focused on environmental stewardship, the Reduction Roadmap emerges as an essential tool for businesses serious about making meaningful contributions to a greener, more sustainable future.

Emission Control

Is the main module where the customer’s data collection is done and their climate reports are generated.

Reduction Roadmap

Is where the plan to lower emissions whilst driving the  business is formed. The simulation allows for insight into all aspects of reduction effects.

Facilitated Collaboration

With Emission Twin, it is possible to share data across the value chain. This increases data quality and frees up a significant amount of time that can be better spent working  proactively to improve supplier collaboration and reduce emissions in the value chain.

Climate Data Hub

Is the automatically generated, industry leading storage of all emission data, ready to be shared and used by all customers.

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